Ever wondered if green homes are for the uber rich only. Why one cannot afford them within their tight budget?

So, out of ‘staying within budget ‘or ‘saving the environment’, what should one really consider while looking for a home? Although, many of us love environment and would like to protect it, we often get skeptical when it comes on spending the extra chunk for environment saving techniques.

Even if we agree to do so, we constantly think of the instant returns or rewards for the same. So what does saving the environment get us? What personal benefit do we see? We expect answers of such questions and we feel that we burn holes in our pockets for a greener tomorrow.

What if we guarantee that opting for a greener home is not only affordable but in turn will also result in a better finance management? This means that you save environment with monetary balance !

Consider Kumari Amaranthine Apartments in Bellandur, as the synonym of the green homes, or to be more precise, ‘affordable’ green homes in Bangalore. These homes not only fall in your budget but also save your money. You will find a considerable drop in all your utility bills because of the power saving techniques we follow. From consuming solar energy to heat absorbing glass, everything results in less power consumption. it costs you approximately 50 paisa per unit including maintenance of solar and other things as compared to 8 rupees from government. All these directly shows up in your bill.

Each of us know how much we are spending on water these days. swimming pools with out water has become a common sight now a days in many apartments. Many apartment associations complain that a large chunk of the maintenance amount goes for water bills especially in spring and summer. we can reverse this scenario by recycling the used water and reusing them. Here at Kumari amaranthine we save 50,000 laters of water approximately by treating and reusing them. which makes us one of the few projects that does not depend on government for water.

According to an estimate A green home saves 10-15% of your total maintenance costs even after adding all the annual maintenance expenses of the Solar, Water treatment plants e.t.c

Your one step towards a green home is equal to ten steps towards a greener tomorrow and a step closer towards a environment friendly heavier pockets! This is how you earn a comfortable living at an affordable price for yourself and ensure a safer environment for the generations to come!platinum-pre-certification-certificate-from-igbc-1


Opting for a greener home is not only affordable but in turn will also result in a better finance management by cutting down large chunk of your maintenance costs? This means that you save environment with monetary balance!

What comes in to your mind when you think of Environmental friendly ‘Green’ homes? a.savings on maintenance costs        b. Spending extra chunk of money to buy them

we would love to see your hear that in comments.

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